One simple but powerful way to study the Bible is called the "SOAP Method." By taking the time to follow the steps below, you put yourself in position to not only read the text, but to allow the Holy Spirit to transform you through the text. Give it a try!

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Read the Scripture passage(s) for the day a time or two. As you read, try not to skim the text like you would read an email…read slowly, imagining what it would be like to actually be there, seeing the events unfold. If it helps, you might want to listen to the audio first (see

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Look through the text and think about (or write down!) what you observe. What words are repeated? What surprises you? What themes are present? What might the author be trying to say? After you’ve made observations about the text, take a moment to read the devotion.

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This is the time where you make your readings personal. How do the Scripture and devotion apply to you? Is there a sin to confess? An action to take? A promise to remember?

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Spend a few moments praying about the things you noticed in the passage. Ask God to help the seed of the Word grow in you and make you more like Jesus.